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Stunning New Technical Production!

Invest in more than just a singer...

Over the last 12 months we’ve invested a lot of time and thought into developing the Ultimate staging package to compliment the Ultimate Bublé experience.

One that was compact enough to be impressive, without being too intimidating and clever enough to make the smallest of performance areas look absolutely breathtaking.

This is the result. A state of the art theatrical moving head lighting system, creating arena style lighting effects and a starcloth backdrop to pull focus tothe stage area and take you into another dimension.

Turn your venue into a stunning entertainment space and add a touch of theatre and class like no other.

Every show comes with this complete package as standard. Delivering an outstanding show every time.

Another reason to book the ‘Ultimate’ Bublé show!

Michael Bublé Production Michael Bublé Show Michael Bublé Tribute

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