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And so it begins

This weekend saw the launch of our 2016 Michael Bublé tribute theatre tour.

Our first venue was The Pavilion Theatre, Cromer Pier. And what a fantastic start to the tour it was! Even the weather was kind to us.

We arrived at 2pm and were greeted by Cromer’s fantastic in-house crew. We tour with three crew of our own; Tour Manager Jerry, and our two sound engineers Clive & Ollie.

Behind the Scenes

Before the show can happen, our crew work along side the in house crew to make the stage ready for the evenings show.

This is when the hard work begins. The lighting guys spend the afternoon programming and focusing all the lighting and making it look pretty. While Clive & Ollie dedicate their time to the sound.

By 19:00 we were all set, sound checked and ready to go.

We had a fantastic first couple of shows and the start of the 2016 theatre tour could not have gone better.

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